Sunday, 30 December 2012

OOTD 30/12/12 & Kitten fun

Today I had Christmas take two, and my sister and her boyfriend came over for some present swapping and another roast dinner, which I was more then happy to participate in. I was tempted to wear my Christmas jumper again, but I came over all hot this morning and decided against it! This is what I wore instead:

Treggings (in previous post!) Next, Top H&M, Necklace & Scarf (very old!) Primark

This was me this morning with my hair curled once again :)

It was really nice to see my sister, and to my surprise she bought along her 4 month old kitten, Willow, which I hadn't met before, and I was squealing with excitement! I've never had a proper pet before, (I've had a hamster!) but I absolutely adore little dogs and kittens! She was let loose around our living room and decided to hide under the sofa for half an hour, but after she woke up she was more then happy to play with me and some ribbon!

We had a good half hour of playtime with a simple ribbon, and she was pouncing and leaping all over the place, and I was left with a couple of scratches and winced as she clawed my new leggings, but with her cute little face I couldn't resist her! She had a really good nose around our living room too, and even managed to squeeze herself into the most awkward spaces! She was all tuckered out in the end and fell asleep on my lap towards the end of her visit. She is so adorable, I was so sad when my sister put her back in her little carry case and took her home. I've definatly made a little cat friend today! :)

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