Tuesday, 18 December 2012

German Alcohol!

Hey guys! Hope you are all getting ready for the big day next week! I can't believe it, this month has gone so fast.

 I'm a bit sad as certain arrangements have been moved this week, meaning I can't go home until tomorrow, when I was meant to be going monday, but I can't wait to start spending some time at home and relaxing. I've also got my first grades back for this semester's work! My fashion marketing report.. I got a first! I am so happy! It took me weeks of stressing, researching and typing, but I'm so glad I put so much effort in, I'm so proud of myself, especially as last year I only got 50% on an essay I poured my heart into, but I've obviously got better at the more academic side of things! People think a fashion courses are a bit of a doss, but believe me, this report was over 50 pages long and over 12,000 words!

Me and my flatmates have been doing a few nice Christmassy things together before we all go home. On friday I quickly chucked an outfit on to go into town with my friend Becky, and we ended up spending a good few hours at the German Christmas Bar in town, where all the markets are. We'd been meaning to go there for weeks as it looked like such a nice place to sit and relax, have a drink, and get in the Christmassy mood!

This was my very exciting (not) outfit I threw on in a rush! My legs ended up getting very cold when it got dark.. but it was a good job I had my mittens and fur hat in my bag!

We had German beer that wasn't that exciting, and was actually quite pricey, but it was a great atmosphere with the Christmas music blaring! The best one has to be 'all I want for Christmas is you'! What's your favourite Christmas tune? 

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  1. Looks like you had a nice time, I love Christmas markets and such, so lovely! xx