Sunday, 9 December 2012

OOTN and Christmas Meal 7/12/12

On friday night me, my flatmates and our friend Honor went out for a Christmas meal together. It was really lovely to dress up and all go out together for a really nice meal, and with 2 for 1 cocktails we took advantage! I'd been shopping all day so I had plenty of things to choose from to wear that evening! This is what I finally decided on..

Scarf, belt, necklace, tights, silver bracelet and bag - Primark
Top - H&M
Skirt and bangles - Topshop
Shoes - New Look

I went with a smart casual look with the scarf, but this is an outfit I'd definetley wear out to the clubs too. I'd wanted a skater skirt for ages, but I thought the black ones just look like school skirts, and I have a lot of black tops too, so I went with this really lovely marl grey one. I think I'll get alot of wear out of it, it's a really lovely shape and I can dress it up or down.

I am a huge fan as scarves as you may have gathered, and pretty much wear one everyday! I already have a black and white skull one, but I thought this pastel grey/blue one (for only £3 in primark!) was a really good twist on the original, and I had to have it! The necklace I grabbed too - with crosses not fading from the fashion scene, this delicate necklace adds a bit of extra pazazz without being too in your face.

I really love this bag, it was only £6 and looks identical to ones being sold in Topshop for over £30. Studs always add an extra element to your outfit too. 

We went to Turtle Bay in Southampton, which is a caribbean restaurant with a cocktail bar. I'd been there before a couple of times for some meals with my boyfriend, but it was great to have some drinks with the girls!

I had spicy sweet corn fritters to start (which were almost too spicy to eat but so delicious!) and half a jerk chicken with sweet potato fries. By the time we'd finished our cocktails and meals we all felt sick! Turtle Bay is such a lovely restaurant the setting is really lovely with candles and fairy lights. Would definetley reccomend it.


  1. I bought that skirt from topshop the other day! It's so cute :-) xx

    1. They're so versitile, I'm really looking forward to wearing it with other things! :) x x